The History

Luxury Leisurewear Since 1953

The valorization of Umbria region’s craft tradition, the importance of ethics and the care for human relationships, the constant research and development of know how: these are the axioms of the company’s philosophy that allows BILANCIONI to grant the conversion of noble and precious raw materials into an absolutely unique final product.

The story of BILANCIONI collections comes out of tricot yarns that, in the Eighties, thanks to Umberto Bilancioni’s (the founder) creativity, have been joined with the most valuable raw materials, to give life to a complete clothing collection with a “casual chic” luxury inspiration, dedicated to the spare time, the holiday and the leisure: from the informal jackets to the shirts, from the belts to the shoes, the travel bags and small leather accessories.

BILANCIONI creates collections that are made of “non mass articles”, each of them making style a concept that is far away from “fast fashion”, addressing to consumers aiming to top quality products and paying attention to the value of the details.

Thanks to the continuous research of style and the care for materials, BILANCIONI brand is today, in our country as well as all over the world, the appeal symbol of Made in Italy.